Designing with Black: Keeping Kitchens in the Dark

April 6, 2022

Interested in exploring the darker side of interior design? You might want to try the latest trend in kitchens – the color black.

According to a recent article in Ideal Home, the trend started with black counter tops and appliances replacing neutral granite and stainless steel. Now homeowners are taking the trend further with black cabinetry, flooring, accessories, and paint.

So is black.. the new black? Or is it just a passing fad?

In an article entitled, How Black Became the Kitchens It Color, Architectural Digest’s Alison Levasseur, states that the movement is “a pendulum swing toward something with greater depth and sophistication” noting that black and other dark colors work surprisingly well in compact spaces.

Black doesn’t have to mean dark and depressing. It can be wonderfully decadent in rooms drenched in natural light, and black can be incorporated in a variety of surprising ways for any aesthetic. This article by The Spruce, highlights 25 Black Kitchen Ideas for styles ranging from modern to traditional.

How can I incorporate black into my kitchen design?

A black custom range hood can make a bold statement in your kitchen. Pair a dark range hood with inky cabinets for a rich tone-on-tone aesthetic. Or make the dark range hood stand out against white cabinets for added drama. Embellishments like brass strapping and grommets can make the black feel even more extravagant.

Looking for more black kitchen inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.

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