Our Story

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Classic Custom Metal Works is the result of a true “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” story. More than that, founding this company is the result of some of the most challenging moments of my life, countless nights and weekends in the office, and many sacrifices along the way. I’m very blessed to have an incredible team of people to help navigate through all the ups and downs, which has helped shape us into the company we are today.
Cindy Mullen, Founder

The Lemons

Our family’s life turned upside down in the fall of 2013 with the sudden passing of my husband. Shortly thereafter, my daughter, son, and I took over his manufacturing business and didn’t know what to expect. None of us had any experience in manufacturing, much less metal fabrication equipment that had largely been used to produce automotive racing parts. As we gained our footing with the support of our family, close friends, and notably our employees, we became more confident in our ability to leverage the experience of our team while expanding our product offerings to make this business our own.

The Mullen Family

The Lemonade

Several years ago, while touring a friend’s home renovation, I was fortunate to meet her cabinet supplier, Nancy Braamse of Olde World Cabinetry. Having admired her company’s work for many years, we happened to discussed an opportunity in the market to manufacture quality range hoods. Undoubtedly our team of engineers, designers, and fabricators are very talented and dedicated to quality, so I was confident we could take on the challenge.

From our very first range hood, our team at Classic Custom Metal Works executed each project with precision, hands-on customization alongside our clients, responsive customer service, and some of the highest quality range hoods in the industry. The more range hoods we crafted, the stronger we felt the desire from our customers to be engaged in creating unique elements for their homes, so we leaned in harder. Our purpose as a company is to build relationships with our clients, gain their trust in us, and deliver the WOW factor that exists in no other home but yours.

The Limoncello

Now, years later, we’ve expanded our product offerings from custom fabricated range hoods to include metal architectural design elements such as chimney caps, hand railings, cabinet frames and inserts, plaques, planters, trellises, and more. Our success is only possible because our clients like you have chosen to partner with us in turning their inspirations into reality. Our team loves working hard to ensure the elements in our clients homes are one-of-a-kind statement pieces that tell a story.

We cannot wait to begin crafting you a unique range hood, cabinetry, or whatever you envision! Get started by filling out the form below and I will personally give you a call within one business day.

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