Replacing Your Over-the-Hood Microwave with a Statement Hood

September 7, 2022

In many kitchens, especially in older homes, it’s notuncommon to find a microwave installed over the range hood. While this designfeature does free-up counter space, it is admittedly, not the most attractive layout.


if you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen,replacing the microwave with a custom metal range hood can dramatically elevatethe design and provide more functionality.


If your kitchen is on the smaller side and you’re worriedabout counterspace, modern designers are finding clever ways to hide microwaveswithout taking up valuable square footage.


In this South Tampa renovation, the designer sensibly builtthe microwave into the side of the island, freeing up the area over the rangefor a custom metal statement hood and tile backsplash.



The range hood completely transformed the look and feel ofthis bespoke kitchen.


·       Canopy: Non-directional stainless-steel,120 grit finish

·       Trim: Powder coat brassfinish and stainless-steel rivets


Additionally, custom metal range hoods are more powerful at whisking away fumes and odors better at keeping the kitchen clean from grease than microwave exhaust fans.


If you’re looking for a wow-factor in your next kitchen that is both functional and beautiful, consider replacing your over-the-hood microwave with a custom metal range hood.


Feeling inspired? Here are a few other examples of smaller range hoods to keep the excitement going!

Canopy: powder coat white finish I Trim: 18-gauge brass with an antique brass finish
Canopy: Stainless-steel with an orbital swirl finish inspired by 1950’s diner bar tops I Trim: Mirror finish bands and rivets I Detail: Crown follows the pitch of the ceiling
Canopy: Non-directional stainless-steel, 120 grit finish I Trim: Mirror finish stainless-steel